About Us

About Us

Nawa-e-Jammu Kashmir  NEWS (SIALKOT), the weekly online news site.

It was established in 1989. Haji A.R Sabir (late)  was the founder of this newspaper. Now this news site is being run by Haji Tanveer Saleem ( Son of Haji A.R Sabir). He is the chief editor of NJK NEWS.

NJK NEWS offers a wide scope of uncommon bits of knowledge on subjects going from legislative issues, business and fund, cash and financial exchange to mould amusement and climate refreshes.

To uncover however much as could be expected about the most elite and fascinating parts of the news has consistently been a need. After the distribution of the story on the web, it’s likewise adjusted and refreshed with the advancement of the story.

We unassumingly welcome you to publicize at NJK NEWS. We should begin another element of publicizing, and disclose one more encouraging feature on the web, thereby. You are free to visit njknews.net and decide for yourself what NJK NEWS retains! Its viewpoints are available to each one of the individuals who have faith in ingenuity and flawlessness, at its best.